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3T Live+

3T Live+is a one-stop live solution offered by Santi cloud, a proven live program validated by the hundreds of millions of social live platforms, including an interactive live App module (IOS, Android) and a background management system that seamlessly embeds existing Apps. We provide end-to-end overall solutions to customers who want to be engaged in the live broadcast industry.
Live+ Game Solutions
Live+ Education Solutions
Live+ Medical Solutions
Live+ Entertainment Solutions
Live+ Video Customer Service Solutions
Live+ Stars Answering Questions Solution

Cross Platforms Interconnection

Support start of broadcast, watching and interconnection in main platforms of Android and IOS. Support the access to Wechat Official accounts, and one-to-one, many-to-many interactive live broadcast.

Perfect Interactive Live Experience

With the same excellent audio and video quality like Wechat, Huajiao Live, it also supports 1080P high-definition video and ensures high-quality audio and video communications.

Stable System

With ultra - low time delay, the content transmitted within a second, end - to - end delay of less than 100 ms, 30% resistant network packet loss, it comprehensively ensures stable operation of the platform.

Safety Protection

Safety protection includes filtering sensitive word, identifying pornographic, scanning vicious content, recognition of tone deformation, semantic disambiguation, screenshot monitoring, video monitoring and so on.

3T Live+

  • Consulting Version
  • Customer Service Version
  • Education Version
  • Medical Version
  • Live Broadcast Version


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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Application Scenarios

Live broadcast platform

  • Reality show
  • Live broadcast mass election
  • Talk show blind date
  • Concert


  • Small class
  • Large class
  • Enterprise training


  • Shopping
  • Secondhand trading
  • Special sale of popular products


  • Commentary on live broadcasting of games
  • Commentary on electronic sports
  • Play with anchors
  • Werewolf
  • Chess and card
  • Game gang up


  • Analysis of factual commentary on financial markets
  • Comment on stock comment
  • Stock market


  • Domestic and overseas travel escort
  • Tour and shopping guiding

3T Live+ DEMO

Guidelines for installation on IOS : Open Settings-general-device management-trust enterprise level applications