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Santi video cloud compression Service (3T–VCS) helps you save more than 50% of broadband and storage costs;
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3T VCS -(Video Compress Service)


With the rise of the short video business, the broadband cost of the video provider is increasing. CDN's huge cost becomes a headache for each company, how to reduce the broadband cost is becoming more and more important meanwhile the service quality remains unchanged.


After years of research, Santi Cloud developed a high compression video coding technology based on graphic images, audio and video coding technology. Through optimization of static image compression and H264 dynamic coding parameters, it can reduce 30-80% code rate while remain the subjective picture quality and frame rate unchanged, the effect is far beyond the H265.


By directly connecting with Santi VCS cloud compression platform, it can implement a second compression on existing MP4 or flv without extra work on code and decode terminals,


With simple operation to access, it can greatly reduce cost. For 1 API, it takes only 5 minutes to access, which can directly reduce more than half of the bandwidth and storage costs.


Comparison Of Compression Effect

3T VCs cloud compression vs ffmpeg

3T VCs cloud compression



Comparison Of Compression Speed And Size

1. The mosaic presented by the standard x264 compressed video accounts for 43% of the total
2. Overall, compression speed is increased by 49% compared with the standard x264 compression speed
Comparison Of Compression Speed
ID Source file size Standard x264 compression (unit seconds) Santi Cloud compression (in seconds)
1 24.8 66 47
2 17.5 46 33
3 23.2 30 18
4 9.98 20 16
5 13.6 26 20
6 52.5 68 44
7 44.2 78 48
8 46.8 82 53
Comparison Of Compression Size
Source file size Standard x264 compression (unit seconds) Santi Cloud compression (in seconds)
24.8 8.65 8.21
17.5 6.53 6.37
23.2 5.21 5.15
9.98 2.23 2.23
13.6 3.04 2.89
52.5 12.1 12.1
44.2 14.3 14
46.8 14.3 14.3


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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3T Live Features


Support mainstream video formats (MP4, FLV).


Ultra-Simple two-step access Service
1. Provide a video file list address,
2. Provide callback notification address.


With distributed deployment, it can increase the number of servers, linear upgrade file processing speed.


Docking CDN, it provides professional short video one-stop solutions with Android,IOS terminals SDK.


It can be applied to various audio and video business such as short video, long movies and quadratic element animation, etc.


Cloud Compression Experience

Santi video cloud compression service (3T–VCS) helps you save more than 50% of broadband and storage costs
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