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The increase of growth speed in live broadcast market will slow down in 2017

According to Credit Suisse, the China live market will reach nearly 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, half of the forecast mobile gaming market.

The growth of the live broadcast market will slow down in 2017, it will develop from high-speed way to steady growth, but will still keep double-digit growth speed.

2016, the first year of video live, a live broadcast mode of beauty anchor show is popular all over the country. There were 200-300 live platform emerged. In the year of 2017, live broadcast industry is over the hill.
  • Slow market growth, fierce competition, and serious homogeneity competition among platforms, the boundary between each platform is increasingly blurred.
  • Capital reshuffle intensifies, and the threshold of industry financing is also higher.
  • Most platforms lost money, only a few have made profit.
  • Supervision on licence qualification from the government is increasingly strict. There are higher pressure for small and medium sized platforms.
The increase of growth speed in live broadcast market will slow down in 2017.

Sample data show that in the interactive live broadcast, the average audience number of the room is 29.9, it is 3 times more than the average audience number of the room without MIC-connected. How to provide a similar type of tools such as MIC-connected to lower the threshold of interactive participation should be the focus of the platform to enhance the audience's interactive experience.


3T LOVA– Make You A Leader In The Live Broadcast 2.0 Era

The former Polycom and V2 core R&D team independently developed the WDP Live protocol, based on UDP, which has been applied on the largest domestic social live broadcast application MOMO
Millisecond of time-delay, <100 ms of average latency for global end-to-end devices

30% super strong anti packet loss, weak network situation can still live smoothly

Support more than 10000 people voice MIC-connected, and 12 people video MIC-connected
Suitable for more than 5000 terminals of different kinds

Various Client-Side Functions

Various client-side functions, with sophisticated solutions to support the multiple terminals and self-adaptive upload code rate functions so as to meet the customers’ needs in different scenarios

Facial Recognition Beautification

Support facial recognition beautification technology, beauty can be user-defined

MIC-Connected Interaction

The anchor is real time connecting and interacting with the audience and it can be displayed to the third party audience

First Screen Can Be Turned On Within Only A Second

Users can turn on the player within a very short time of one second by optimizing the SDK network layer

Speed Up Playing

Speed up playing technology can make the minimum time delay of end-to-end playing, which enables live broadcast more real-time

Pure Audio Live Broadcast

Support the pure audio live broadcast

Powerful Service-Side Function

Provide overall technical solutions from publishing, transcoding, distribution to playing and services such as HD transcode, screenshot, recording,time shifting etc.

HD Transcoding

Industry-leading narrowband high definition transcoding technology, under the same resolution it saves a lot of broadband costs for users

Live Broadcast Recording

Real-time recording of live broadcast, Cloud HD transcoding, secure storage. Support on-demand back watch, live broadcast switch to on-demand broadcast

Margin Publishing

Domestic leading CDN distribution technology, primarily send live streaming to the nearest CDN server, which reduces video time delay

Real-Time Screenshot

Video real-time high-definition screenshot is available and can be stored in the OSS system for viewing at any time. It also supports customized picture interval

Checking Of Pornography

With differentiating accuracy of 99.9% real-time monitoring of sensitive images, it greatly improves the efficiency of operators.

Flexible Watermark

Support flexible video watermark to maintain users’ video copyright

Comprehensive Security Protection

A variety of live encryption technology with a full range of detection and protection which reduces the risk of theft and hotlinking


Support refer black and white lists, protecting your resources from been stealing by other websites

URL Encryption

A more secure and reliable source site resource anti-theft method is implemented by using the live-accelerated node and the user resource site to protect the users’ live content resources from unauthorized sites

HTTPS Security Acceleration

Anti-hijacking, tamper-proof, leak-proof, and enjoy enterprise-level reliable HTTPS acceleration service

Statistical Analysis

Panoramic data statistics, rich angle analysis, and customer portrait description help business development


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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3T LOVA Live VS. Live Broadcast Of Other Suppliers

Comparison of network packet loss rates in MIC-connected live broadcast
Comparison Of 30% Network Packet Loss

3T LOVA Video Effect

Video Effect of others suppliers

Comparison Of 50% Network Packet Loss

3T LOVA Video Effect

Video Effect of others suppliers


3T-RTN Framing Plan

3T-RTN Real-Time Communication Network

The virtual communication network, which supports the Santi Cloud live broadcast service, adopts the 3T WDP live broadcast protocol (based on UDP) designed for real-time transmission to guarantee time delay can be controlled. With nearly 80 data centers deployed globally, it has 99.99% high availability and 99.9% connectivity rate.

3T WDP Live Protocol

The live broadcast WaterDrop protocol based on UDP that is developed by Santi. It reduces time-delay of end-to-end live broadcast to the millisecond level and has 30% super anti packet loss capability.