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The Evolution Of Educational Scenarios

Face-To-Face Teaching

Limits on time

Limits on space

Limits on number of people


On-Demand Broadcast

Interactive weak

Poor timeliness

Poor self-discipline


Live Broadcast

Good timeliness

Good interaction

No limit on space

The Needs Of The Educational Industry

Expand The Scale

Free from geographical constraints, expand the scope of business radiation, and provide training services for domestic or oversea users

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the operating costs of training venues and teachers, and improve the scale and effectiveness of training


Set up free courses with low cost to improve the attention of the main site and increase platform data flow

Data Flow Conversion

Through the integrated live teaching function, attracts paying customers and convert the visitor data flow to paying customers

Improve User Experience

Improve the word-of-mouth of online training business, and enlarge the influence of the organization to build an on-line training brand

Business Application

Provide a variety of new training forms based on live broadcast service to help customers to upgrade their Internet+live broadcast business

Santi Online Educational Scheme Frame Plan

Seamless docking with the live broadcast system make classroom extend infinitely

Teachers use external audio and video collecting equipment in live broadcast, dynamic situation of the classroom can be displayed to teachers, and students watch the lectures video in the classroom.

Teachers directly give online lessons through the computer, the dynamic situation of the classroom can be displayed to teachers.

Students can watch the courseware or the teacher deliver lectures online, meantime students can interact with teacher through video MIC.

  • Teacher-Side Functions
  • Student Function List
Functions PC end WEB side APP
Move(interface element)      
Laser Pointer      
Rectangle Frame      
Partial-screen Sharing /Full-screen Sharing      
Cloud Video      
Give a class/Finish class      
Courseware Page-turns      
(Local/Courseware Center)Courseware Uploading      
Delete the course      
Save Whiteboard Content      
Switch Courseware      
Audio and Video Channels-TCP      
Mute Al      
Audio and Video Call      
Switch teachers' definition      
Invite/disconnect Audio and Video with Link-Mic      
Mute Speech(some student)      
Remove from the classroom      
Mic-Linking Queuing      
Drag the Window      
Personnel List      
Account and Password Log In      
Sign up      
Forget Password      
Enter the Room with Request Code      
Share the Broadcast      
Delete the Broadcast      
Create Course      
Account and Password Log In      
Large-sized Live Class      
Small-sized Live Class      
One-on-One Class      
Functions PC end WEB side APP
Whiteboard&courseware display      
audio lectures      
video lectures      
hands-up answer      
Video and Audio Call      
Disconnect/Invite Micro-linking      
Personnel Lists      
Enter the room with Request Code      
Share the Broadcast      
watch notice      

Advantages Of Santi Cloud Educational Platform

Support Whole Platforms

Client side and APP are available for PC& Mobile terminals and provide development support for a third party platform

Massive Concurrency

Independent developed CDN acceleration technology support 100,000 people watch online in a live broadcast classroom

Flexible Storage Expansion

Redundancy hot-backup based on AliCloud global service resource deployment. Overall framework supports flexible storage expansion

Various Interface And Convenient Integration

Provide complete API interface and mobile end SDK with low integrating complexity

Live Broadcast Lecture On Mobile Phones

The only one that provides mobile end video+ document interaction lecturing mode

Easy Operation

Client-side layout is simple, making it easy to operate

Innovation And Customization Of Products Are Available

Products iterate rapidly each week, also customized development also available

Fast Upload Speed But Low Time Delay

Based on UDP private communication protocol, the call delay can be reduced to less than 200 milliseconds. With high reliability, there is good performance of real-time interactive experience

Local+Cloud Recording

The platform provides two kinds of recording function, which can generate live recording video and cloud generating playback link

Various Definition For Network Self-Adaptive

Provide various options of definition for users’ choice according to network conditions

Multi-Video Interaction

Support more than 10 channels of video interactive functions to meet needs of group discussions and video conferencing

Flexible Business Pricing

Can meet different volume of customers’ demand

Advanced Compression Algorithms

Under the same transmit volume can obtain better timbre

Intelligent Noise Reduction

In noisy environment can also get a clear voice

Intelligent Echo Eliminating

Adopt a smarter method to eliminate voice echoes

Resistant To Network Jitter

Stable voice quality can be guaranteed even under weak network condition

The 3T WD-SDK Is A Santi Self-Developed Audio-Video Call And A MIC-Connected Live SDK

–Water Drop SDK, developed by the former Polycom and V2 core R&D team. It has been applied to the domestic largest social live broadcast application
Millisecond of time-delay, <100 ms of average latency for global end-to-end devices

30% super strong anti packet loss, weak network situation can still live smoothly

Support more than 10000 people voice MIC-connected, and 12 people video MIC-connected
Suitable for more than 5000 terminals of different kinds


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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Application Scenarios

Small Classes

1 to 1 teaching

Academic Lectures

Large-Scale Public Classes

Intelligent Campus Teaching

Online School

Channel Customer Training

Enterprise Internal Training

Network Video Conferencing

Industry Summit Forum

Network Seminar

New Product Release Meeting