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The Evolution Of Medical Scene

Offline Medical
Video Consultation
Surgery Teaching
Medical Video Conferencing

Challenges For Video Medical

Low performance of video coding and decoding affects the remote diagnostics effect
Various interface types of medical imaging equipment influence smoothly connect with remote consultation equipment
Consultation platform isolates with video consultation which can not allow unified dispatch and management
Limited by the video terminal and network access problems, so it is difficult to start business in families, primary medical institutions and outdoor emergent distance medical service

Santi Video Medical

Overall Solutions

Provide platform construction
Provide complete remote consultation software
SDK Provide SDK that can fuse with a third party platform access
Provide design, construction for remote consultation room

Cross-Platform Products

Support interconnection cross many platforms such as PC, mobile phone, set-top box, Pad, medical terminal, all-in-one machine etc
Support H.323 high-definition interconnection, SIP and other equipment

High Security

Differentiate identities and authorities among administrators, doctors, patients, etc
Support code protection on consultation room and users
AE128 bit encryption algorithm

Diversity Of Video Display

Support double screen display and TV wall split screen
Support free viewing video
Support multiple video display templates
Support for frequency mixing

Data Sharing

Support electronic whiteboard
Support document sharing
Support zone sharing and desktop sharing
Support text discussion and other functions

Technical Features


Unique H.264 improved video algorithm, improved compression algorithm, single fixed code stream coding
Image dynamic compensation algorithm and multi-stream algorithm
Optimized Video codecs library

Support High Concurrency

Reliable telecom-level distributed server cluster
Perfect audio, video, and data distributed deployment and control
Support multiple MCU clusters, and single MCU support to publish at most 256 channels 1080P concurrency stream

Weak Network Optimization

Forward error correction: an original dynamic redundant forward error correction algorithm, which can dynamically correct errors according to network condition
Intelligent route: automatically choose the optimal transmitting routes and switch links according to network condition.
Network detection, intelligent control: Real-time monitoring network transmission quality, automatic adjustment of audio code flow, packet number, video stream and frame number
Intelligent packet repairing with priority of audio: automatically protect and repair important data packet under week network.Non key frame will be abandoned automatically to ensure audio can be smoothly passed

Advantages Of Santi Cloud Video Medical Program

Support All Platforms

Client side and APP are available for PC& Mobile terminals and provide development support for a third party platform

Flexible Storage Expansion

Redundancy hot-backup based on AliCloud global service resource deployment. Overall framework supports flexible storage expansion

Various Interface And Convenient Integration

Provide complete API interface and mobile end SDK with low integrating complexity

Multi-Video Interaction

Support more than 10 channels of video interactive functions to meet needs of group discussions and video conferencing

Easy Operation

Client-side layout is simple, making it easy to operate

Innovation And Customization Of Products Are Available

Products iterate rapidly each week, also customized development also available

Fast Upload Speed But Low Time Delay

Based on UDP private communication protocol, the call delay can be reduced to less than 200 milliseconds. With high reliability, there is good performance of real-time interactive experience

Local+Cloud Recording

The platform provides two kinds of recording function, which can generate live recording video and cloud generating playback link

Various Definition For Network Self-Adaptive

Provide various options of definition for users’ choice according to network conditions

Flexible Business Pricing

Can meet different volume of customers’ demand

The 3T WD-SDK Is A Santi Self-Developed Audio-Video Call And A MIC-Connected Live SDK

–Water Drop SDK, developed by the former Polycom and V2 core R&D team. It has been applied to the domestic largest social live broadcast application
Millisecond of time-delay, <100 ms of average latency for global end-to-end devices

30% super strong anti packet loss, weak network situation can still live smoothly

Support more than 10000 people voice MIC-connected, and 12 people video MIC-connected
Suitable for more than 5000 terminals of different kinds


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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Application scenarios

Remote Diagnosis

Consultation Of Specialists

Operation Teaching

Online Inspection

Physician Training

Popularization Of Healthy Knowledge

Security And Protection Monitoring

Remote Visit