Stars answering questions" open live broadcast answer 2.0 era

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Hosts set questions, audience answer "mode of live answering 1.0 has evolved into a" thousands question answering War ", which determines that innovation can only be limited to the skills of the host and change of questions. Once the audience's curiosity is satisfied, it is difficult to continue to create new concerns, and there is no meaning to follow.
“PK between stars, fans helps to answer and audience watch live broadcast”mode has emerged. “Stars answering”can fully take advantage og stars’ personal brand, the PK effect among stars, star sponsors, entertainment news effect, in the meantime combined with TV programs such as election of stars, entertainment PK, etc to creat new playing method.


Introduction Of Star Answering Questions

1. Fans choose their favourite star and enter the live room
2. The host click "Start", answering begins
3. Fans choose answers for their favourite stars
4. Stars answer questions by referring fans’ answer
5. the host announces the answer
6. After 12 questions are answered, if the score is flat, there will be extra time
Play introduction: It can cooperate with all kinds of programs to make real-time fans, audience interactive quiz contest. the entire product can be made as by-pass live.

Star Answering Questions-Frame Plan

Comparison Of The Advantages Of Star Answering

Comparison V1.0-Live Quiz V2.0-Star Quiz
Attract the audience way Award amount Star personal brand, PK effect between the stars, entertainment news, bonus amount.
the interactive way Interaction between moderator and audience. Among the star and the audience (fans), among the Star and the star, among the star and the host, among the host and the audience (fans).
the innovation play 1.the innovative choice of topic, for example, female special performance.
2.the host's personal charm and play.
1、Combined with offline programs such as the existing star selection, entertainment PK etc. The answering winner can be resurrected eligibility or bonus opportunities to make active fans and create entertainment topics and improve the program popularity.
2、Advertising sponsors can select spokesperson through the star answering PK competition. And the answer can contain the product or corresponding manufacturer (such as beauty) related knowledge.
3、 The winnings and fans’ gifts of the commonweal PK can be donated. The answer contains the relevant knowledge of the public activities (environmental protection, poverty alleviation, etc.) to increase the effect of public welfare promotion.
the technical realization request Millions audience participate in the answering for the bonus, requirement on timeliness is very high. Millions audience (fans) participate in the answer in order to support their favourite star. The audience’s answer can be only as a reference for stars, and timeliness requirement is low.But the timeliness of host and stars shall be guaranteed.

The 3T WD-SDK Is A Santi Self-Developed Audio-Video Call And A MIC-Connected Live SDK

–Water Drop SDK, developed by the former Polycom and V2 core R&D team. It has been applied to the domestic largest social live broadcast application
Millisecond of time-delay, <100 ms of average latency for global end-to-end devices

30% super strong anti packet loss, weak network situation can still live smoothly

Support more than 10000 people voice MIC-connected, and 12 people video MIC-connected
Suitable for more than 5000 terminals of different kinds


Innovative Playing Method

Docking CDN and by-pass live broadcast can realize HLS, RTMP live broadcast issuing and provide one-stop integrated services such as filters, intelligent beautification, encryption, watermark, danmaku, face recognition, cartoon face swap, dynamic stickers, gesture recognition, virtual image, second-level playing ban etc. It also support a third-party that is chose by customers

High Concurrency But Low Time-Delay

3T RTN real-time communication network adopts a 3T WDP Live protocol (based on UDP) that is special designed for the real-time transmission , which reduces time-delay of end-to-end live broadcast the millisecond level. The 30% super anti packet loss capability guarantees time delay can be controlled. With nearly 50 data centers deployed globally, it has 99.99% high availability and 99.9% connectivity rate

Rapid Access And Flexible Application

The whole platform can be accessed rapidly, with easy-to-use interface, providing professional open-sourcing UI that integrates functions such as promotion, playing, answering and other functions together. 1-day solution for docking which can be rapidly integrated to make live online quiz possible

Stable Service

Issuing of questions, statistics of answering results, and checking of answers, can bear the high concurrency handling in live question and answer scenario. Users are no longer afraid of missing the answer time because it supports billion of high concurrency access

One-Stop Expansibility

Provide customers with one-stop services from the publishing to answering. More games can be exploited in the near future


With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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