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Zhou Sijin Founder & CEO
China Europe International Business School EMBA master, real time audio video technology innovation and industry leader, once served as the listed company Jia signal Feihong, ninth city research and development director, VIP Technology Technology Vice President, voice and video conference global leader Polycom system architect, In 2014, santi cloud was founded as CEO, is China's Internet real time sound One of the most popular youth leaders in the video industry.
Zhu Wei
Server-side Senior Architects
With 7 years of Internet audio and video conferencing system development and server architecture design experience, he is good at high-performance C++ service development. Also he has rich experience in the field of distributed system development. He is committed to the design and development of high concurrency, low latency, high availability service, and he is familiar with data transmission optimization algorithm under weak network environment . He has been involved in radio-level television, news broadcast system development when he was in the pan-media industry technology services leading manufacturer- Dayang Runbo .
Liang Xuequn
Audio and video codec senior architect
Serve as a development engineer, he has years of working experience in audio and video live related industry. He is familiar with audio and video broadcast related fields, such as audio and video CODEC, streaming media transmission, object storage, live platform and other development technology, as well as FFmpeg, X264,VLC, WEBRTC and other open source projects. Previously he worked in digital China, Nine City group.
Guo Zhiming
Server Principal
Over 11 years experience in network audio and video development and server architecture, leading Santi Cloud live broadcast server architecture and background basic service development. Before joined Santi Cloud, he served as a R&D manager in V2 Technology, China’s software video conferencing industry leader. Also he was responsible for framework design of server for IMS, TD, ESPACE and other projects cooperated with HUAWEI.
Liu Zhihan
Sales VP
More than a decade of financial and internet experience, she has a wealth of customer resources and capital resources. Serve as sales director the cloud computing leader of the capital online (top 263) ,she was responsible for the overall control of the project, design and other aspects. Also she was responsible for the top ten of the Internet project design and business support.
Xiang Yang
South Region Sales Director
Graduated from the information security major of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, 12 Internet experience, has been in the network technology as pre-sales and sales management work, service NetEase, the perfect World, Mango TV, only goods will, MO mo large Internet enterprises, etc., in the market development and potential opportunities to develop a wealth of experience. Responsible for the company's southern regional business development and channel construction.
Cui Wenxiu
Vice President
More than 13 years’ working experience in the world's top 500 IT Companies(Citrix、Symantec). Has a customer-oriented enterprise research and development, after-sale, implementation, consulting, pre-sales, sales in various fields of rich experience. Once led the world's largest banks, insurance, telecommunications companies, information security projects and cloud computing project design, project implementation, operation and maintenance support work.
Jin Hongxin
Live Cloud Backstage Manager
With 12 years of experience in software development,before he is a member of Santi CLoud, he was served for AIAIT and Beauty United Group where he is responsible for financial settlement. Also he has a wealth of experience in e-commerce. He has led many core backstage business framework design and development. Now he is responsible for the development of live broadcast backstage.
Zhang Jianhong
Audio and video codec senior architect
With 10 years of experience in audio and video CODEC development and optimization, she is familiar with H264, MP4, x264, MPC, FFmpeg, Avisyth, live555, mp4v, Jrtplib, rtp/rtcp, SIP and other technologies in the actual customer project implementation and optimization. She was responsible for audio and video projects in V2 and Jiaxun Feihong. What’s more, she was responsible for multi-channels for HUAWEI, video conference project for Qsinghua University and TD 3G project for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Zhang Guang
SDK Principal
Since 2005, he has been engaged in audio and video communication technology research, especially has rich experience in the mobile terminal audio and video development. Before he joined in Santi Cloud, he served as a research and development manager in V2 Technology, the Chinese software and video conferencing industry leader. He has been responsible for more than 100 audio and video development projects for government, telecommunications, medical, education, finance and other industries. Once he was also responsible for 3G project in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

About us:

SanTiCloud, headquartered in Beijing, currently has a branch office in Guangzhou, founded by Zhou Sijin, a former system architect at Polycom (a global leader in videoconferencing). 90% of the team's members are technical engineers in the field of audio and video in China with an average of more than 10 years industry experience.

SanTiCloud is a real-time audio and video technology service provider and is committed to providing real-time audio and video technology solutions for multiple areas, including education, entertainment, medical, security, travel, e-commerce, social networking, games, smart devices, etc. We provide developers with simple and easy-to-use, extremely stable, low-latency, and high-security Live Cloud services. In just three steps, the APP’s full-featured audio and video communication functions can be achieved.

Since our inception, we have successively launched Live Broadcast Solutions in different fields such as entertainment, games, education, healthcare, live-answers, and video customer service. We have been awarded the title of “Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise” and “Beijing Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise”. We currently deployed more than 80 data centers globally. Our values are "Serving Customers, Excellence and Innovation, Trust and Respect, Integrity and Dedication". Our mission is ‘to make communication easier’. And our vision for the future is to become the world's leading technology innovation company and will make unremitting efforts.

in December 2017
Awarded as Golden Seeds Enterprise of Zhongguancun
in November 2017
Live broadcast service platform“Santi Cloud”was launched
in October 2017
Global 80 Data Center deployment was completed
in July 2017
Received a round of financing 30 million RMB
in May 2017
Awarded the 2017 Beijing sci-tech SME promotion Special Fund
in March 2017
Live broadcast solutions for education was launched
in December 2016
Reached a strategic partnership with the Light of Wisdom
in November 2016
Awarded as new high-tech enterprise of Zhongguancun
in August 2015
MIC-connected live broadcast interactive cloud was launch ed
in May 2016
Reached a strategic cooperative relationship with MOMO (NASDAQ:MOMO)
in February 2016
Real-time communications cloud platform V2.0 providing external SDK was published
in October 2015
Deployment of national 20 data centers was completed
in August 2015
Angel round financing 5 million RMB
in June 2015
Real-time communication cloud platform V1.0 was published
in November 2014
Beijing Guoshi Wushuang Technology Co., Ltd. (predecessor of the Santi Cloud) was established


Address(Beijing): Room 507, Building B, Chuangke Square, East Street, Huilongguan, Beijing
Address(Guangzhou):Room 1206, Da Duhui Square, No.183, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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Address(Beijing): Room 507, Building B, Chuangke Square, East Street, Huilongguan, Beijing


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Address(Guangzhou):Room 1206, Da Duhui Square, No.183, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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