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Senior C + Development Engineer

1. With more than 3 years experience in C development, proficient in using STL, solid basic computer knowledge, and with good development norms and coding habits;
2. Familiar with the network, multithreading, database, IO, RAM management and so on;
3. Have the experience of server development, familiar with RTSP/RTP/RTCP/RTMP transmission protocol;
4. Familiar with audio and video DODEC, familiar with FFMPEG,WEBRTC is preferred.
5. Shall be able to work under pressure, with independent development ability and team work spirit;


1.Responsible for development and optimization of Windows,Android,IOS platform audio and video SDK, Network SDK.
2.Responsible for the overall framework of the cloud Platform design and development, audio and video CODEC, server framework development.

Senior PHP Development Engineer

1、Bachelor or above, more than 5 years of development experience, with ardently love for technology, can be able to work under pressure, having large Internet project experience is preferred;
2、Proficient in PHP, familiar with websocket, with high concurrent processing and multilingual background is preferred
3、Familiar with database design,having more than tens of millions of data processing experience is preferred
4、Having engaged in live industry or familiar with webrtc,es6 is preferred.


Responsible for dealing with audio and video data generated by the company SDK, and providing support for live broadcast business

Advanced Audio and video coding and decoding algorithm engineer

1. Proficient in H.264,H.265,VP9,AV1 and other video algorithms, proficient in coding and decoding algorithm optimization method
2. Proficient in open source tools such as X264,X265,LIBVPX,AV1 and FFmpeg
3. More than 5 years of low-level coding and decoding algorithm development experience
4. Ability to read the latest academic papers, and programming to achieve a priority
5. Having published papers in top international conferences and periodicals is preferred
6. Familiarity with WEBRTC architecture is a plus
7. Experience with SIMD optimization is preferable
8. GPU Development experience is preferred
9. Familiar with Rnn, CNN and other mainstream depth learning algorithms, proficient in the use of Caffe, TensorFlow and other tools, a deep learning related project experience is preferred


1. Responsible for the research and development of key codec algorithm in video service system
2. Responsible for the continuous improvement of video coding efficiency, including playback quality improvement, transmission bandwidth reduction, processing cost reduction, etc.
3. Responsible for coding and decoding algorithm library to the GPU and other heterogeneous systems such as the transfer of Cross-platform, optimization
4. Responsible for transcoding, playback, content management and other business systems demand docking, functional linkage

Audio and video engineer

1. Proficient in h.264,h.265 and other video algorithms, the relevant algorithms have in-depth research and experience
2. Proficient in h.264,h.265 and other video algorithms, the relevant algorithms have in-depth research and experience
3. Proficient in carbon C, familiar with Python, Shell script development
4. Bachelor Degree (more than 3 years development experience) or above, majored in computer, electronic engineering or related major.
5. Solid sense of responsibility, with a good team spirit


1. Participate in video coding and decoding framework implementation and algorithm optimization
2. Participate in the video CODEC of real-time communication product and realization and the optimization preprocessing and postprocessing algorithms.

Web front-end Engineer (Senior)

1、Proficient in ES6
2、Can independently finish interaction of the front-end complex business
3、Proficient in react or Vue
4、Have a Web whiteboard project experience is preferred
5、More than 5 years of relevant development experience
6、Familiar with JAVASCRIPT/CSS, OOP and mainstream front-end class library, framework, tools, such as Bootstrap, JQuery, react, vue, etc., With framework development experience or contribution is preferred;


1、Responsible for the implementation of JSSDK
2、Responsible for interaction of complex web-side page
3、Responsible for Web-related product development, including PC and mobile end
4、 Responsible for the development of white board and other web projects as well as the web demo development

Video product manager

1. Bachelor degree or above, 5 years of Internet product/platform software product manager, operation, or pre-sales related work experience. Familiar with live broadcast, multimedia communication related products and solutions.
2. Sensitive to user needs, focus on the details of terminal software products experience, can grasp the user experience accurately, with excellent industry vision, and a strong demand analysis and product planning and operational capabilities;
3. Familiar with live broadcast industry, multimedia communication industry, Internet educational industry, games and related products is preferred. Have SAAS product definition, design, R&D management, operation experience is preferred;
4. Good logical thinking ability, strong sense of responsibility, work enthusiasm, and a good sense of teamwork. Have excellent reporting and presentation skills as well as customer communication skills; Can bear work pressure.
5. Have working experience in IT/communication technology provider or integrator, Internet companies is preferred. It is better to having pre-sales related work experience;


1. Be responsible for the planning, design and operation of live broadcast video cloud platform products.
2. Responsible for planning and operation of live broadcast industry, live +games, live broadcast+ education and other solutions. Also responsible for operation of important project and pre-sales communication.

UI Designer

1. Working experience in Mobile UI design
2. Proficient in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, or sketch and other necessary professional software;
3. Have a good understanding of mobile UI design, can accurately grasp the overall style and color of the product, familiar with iOS, Android system common design style, design specifications;
4. With icon logo interface design skills and design creativity, with certain innovative thinking;
5. Serious and meticulous, with a good sense of teamwork, strong self-learning ability.
6. Understand the live broadcast category APP interface, user habits, interactive ways. Have own understanding, insights.
7. Have the ability to provide high-quality product prototypes, flow charts, wireframe, and can express the design plan clearly.


1. Responsible for client (APP) design for IOS, Android, Windows and related products;
2. Can grasp the overall UI style, color and layout;
3. Improve interface design combined with user experience.
4. Be responsible for the design experience, process and norms of mobile products.

Operation And Maintenance
Operation and maintenance engineer

1. Bachelor’s degree or above, majored in computer or related
2. More than two years experience in CDN operation or 2 years operation and maintenance of Linux system;
3. Have experience in streaming media service or testing is preferred;
4. Master at least one scripting language, with the ability of low-level script development, proficiency in the use of scripts to finish daily system operations;
5. Love the system operation and maintenance, technical support work, can bear work pressure, with team cooperation spirit;


1. Be responsible for daily operation and maintenance of MIC-connected live broadcast.
2. Responsible for daily operation of business network, Linux system , server equipment operation and troubleshooting;
3. Be responsible for node construction and upgradation of MIC-connected live broadcast , as well as system updating.
4. Find operation system development and optimization demands according to daily operation requirement;
5. Cooperate with team members to test and develop

Core CDN operation and maintenance engineer

1. At least 2 years operation and maintenance experience in CDN, familiar with the implementation principle and troubleshooting method of CDN
2. Proficient in Linux system, familiar with shell or python, and familiar with Nginx, Cache and other services
3. Familiar with TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, can find and solve problems quickly
4. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, be proactive and can bear work pressure


1. Responsible for ensuring customer service quality, follow up and continuously support customer needs
2. Responsible for contacting customers, and develop complete solutions according to customers’ requirement
3. Responsible for the contacting CDN providers’ technician to ensure that the basic services are stable and efficient

Senior testing engineer

1. More than 5 years experience in testing, familiar with software testing theory and method, familiar with software testing process; be able to lead a team.
2. Familiar with Linux environment, Web Server, MySQL database, etc. Have knowledge in database tuning or in DBA is preferred.
3. Familiar with TCPIP protocol, with stream media experience such as IPTV,VoIP, video conference etc. Familiar with audio and video CODEC, sealing format, control transmission protocol RTSP/RTP/SIP). Have testing experience in telecommunication, monitoring, video conference is preferred.
4. Familiar with SQL statements and common testing tools, such as loadrunner, qtp, winrunner and have software development experience, white-box testing experience is preferred;
5. Have good communication ability, logical thinking ability, strong sense of responsibility, working enthusiasm,with good sense of teamwork, and be able to adapt to the challenges and pressure of the work environment. Be willing to serve for company for a long term.


1. Be responsible for testing of the MIC-connected products.
2. Be responsible for the testing of live broadcast APP products;
3. Be responsible for management OF team's log and work plan;
4. Be responsible for online education, and testing of gaming industry solutions.

Network Security
Network engineer

1、At least 2 years relevant working experience;
2、Familiar with the security technology framework, have a unique understanding of security technology;
3、Good communication and presentation skills and team work spirit is required;
4、 Proficient in the TCP/IP protocol, familiar with Linux, Unix system;
5、 Have experience in handling trojans, viruses, intrusion, network attacks and other sudden security incidents;
6、At least proficient in network defense, host defense, email defense;
7、 At least familiar with any one of these such as anti-virus, IPS, firewalls, vulnerability scanning, WAF and other security products;
8、Have event analysis and the analytic reduction ability,with network security attack and defense knowledge and the experience is preferred;
9、Familiar with the common security loopholes, prevention methods and audit methods, including DDoS attacks, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF and other owasp; Top;


1、Take action to handle emergent network attacks and security incidents by dynamic security operations and monitoring;
2、Make IT security incident investigation, provide safety and security for the company's activities;
3、Analyse security big data and supervise on cases to ensure IT system security of company.
4、Do network security and defense technology research by simulating attack scenes and attack methods;
5、Responsible for network security compliance related work,for instance, protection of network security level;

Text Editor

1. 2-3 years working experience, preferably in Chinese, news, or IT related majors;
2. Grasp written skills, strong writing intentions, with occupational background such as reporters, writers and publishers is preferred.
3. Proficient in the Internet and new media language, having experience in reporting influential people, company reports, etc.
4. Have knowledge in the IT application enterprise market or other TOB industry dissemination rules.Having experience in industry client portrait, client routes and reaching, value dissemination is preferred.
5. Independent thinking, strong curiosity, love activities!


1. External connection interviews and writing reports(people or companies).
2. Compiling,translating and editing articles.
3. Real-time pay attention to major technology field events, people, trends, companies and so on, and write reports.
4. Manage and plan the company's own media channels, including the Wechat account, official website and other self-media platform content.
5. Learn more about market situation, media channels and comments of products and service line, and make marketing plans accordingly.
6. Carry out the content planning and communication tasks in the company's projects, by insight market and media situation, provide decision making suggestions. Make perfect spreading plan and implement it according to the time node to ensure good propagation effect.
7. Familiar with various network word-of-mouth communication methods and marketing tools, and shall have own expertise. Be able to maximize the company's brand and word-of-mouth coverage by timely tracking effect, and analyzing evaluation means, and write a report.