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Shanghai Wisdom of Light Culture Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Light Group of Wisdom") is jointly funded by the Octopus Think, Husheng,Lingxing Group, Smart Light Group, Create Second Generation Group with "spread of business intelligence, incubation business civilization" as the mission of the group enterprise platform. Since its inception of the wisdom of the Light group's enterprises, it is committed to providing systematic training and learning services for 12 million private enterprises nationwide and 40 million business people. It focuses on business owners and their family members in the entrepreneurial spirit of the promotion, the incubation of thinking of commercial leaders, enterprise organizational change and management innovation, family business and family spirit heritage, healthy lifestyle training, etc. And it provides original commercial wisdom siminar and training services.

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Holographic space, the Internet education enterprise platform, is the Uber+ Amazon in educational and training industry. It is a dedicated 020 service platform for entrepreneurs, with integration of global excellent teacher. So far, there are more than 150,000 entrepreneurs studying here. ---Founder of Holographic wisdom Holding Group, Chairman of Chinese entrepreneur Alliance- Liu Yimiao


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"Holographic Space" is a case based on the Santi one-stop live solutions-3T live, which provides online interactive training solutions for Light of Wisdom.

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3T Live+ Real-time Communication network:3T-RTN

Live broadcast management, MIC-connected whistle-blowing, surveillance, etc.