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Momo is a geographically based open mobile video social application of Nasdaq:MOMO. It is the largest pan-social entertainment platform in China, with more than 200 million users worldwide. In MOMO, you can use video, text, voice, pictures to show yourself, based on geographical location to find people nearby, join nearby groups, establish a real, effective, healthy social relationship. MOMO was established in 2011, and was listed on December 11, 2014 in the United States Nasdaq Stock Exchange listing (stock trading Code: MOMO). The vision of MOMO is to make people discover the beauty and novelty around through Internet, and make people connect with each other.

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The fast-changing internet industry, especially in recent years in live broadcast industry. Santi Cloud provides a flexible and stable interactive live system, let us have more time to discuss how to achieve business innovation and added-value. --MOMO live broadcast principal


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Santi Cloud live broadcast solution provides customers with flexible, stable, low latency audio and video calls and live broadcast infrastructure, make users’ of innovation of business quickly online and win market opportunities.

Santi Products

Voice call Aova(Audio over App)          3T-RTN Real-time Communication network 3t-rtn

Video call Vova(Video over App)          MIC-connected live broadcast Lova(Live-streaming over App)

Traditional live broadcast

1 anchors, n audiences show mode video live

K Talk

1 to 1 video chats like FaceTime

Many people make friends

1 Anchors, 6 associate broadcasts, N audience
Similar to the "If You Are the One" mode of video dating


6 anchors, no audience
"Let's Party" mode video dating

Emotional Radio

1 anchors, N audiences
Audio Broadcast

Multiple people language playing

1 anchor, 6 associate anchor and N audience
Audio chat making friends


MOMO released 7.9 version of the online Werewolf on July 2017. There are now already 3 different types of playing methods.
V1.0 Audio field: 12 anchors (players), audio, no audience
V2.0 video field: 12 Anchors (players), video
V3.0 Live field: one anchor as commentator, 12 anchors (player), N audience, video live mode