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3T LOVA -Make You The Front-Runner In The Live 2.0 Era

The former Polycom and V2 core R&D team independently developed the WDP Live protocol, based on UDP, which has been applied on the largest domestic social live broadcast application MOMO.
Millisecond of time-delay, <100 ms of average latency for global end-to-end devices
30% super strong anti packet loss, weak network situation can still live smoothly
Support more than 10000 people voice MIC-connected, and 12 people video MIC-connected
Suitable for more than 5000 terminals of different kinds

Millisecond Time-Delay

typical live broadcast time delay is around 200 up to 600 milliseconds

Double Current Strategy Supports Small And Large Windows

support small and large current, live screen size can be freely switched

Self-Adaptive Broadband Code Rate

the live stream can be self-adaptive according to the whole real-time network condition

Anchors Interact With Each Other

multiple anchors and audience interact through the MIC, the audience can watch the real-time interaction among several anchors in the same live broadcast room

Real-Time Recording And Demand Broadcast

support the cloud recording, storage, on-demand broadcast functions, cloud mixed streaming services to support multiple channels audio and video recording and on-demand broadcast playback

By-Pass Live Broadcast

Docking CDN and by-pass live broadcast, it can achieve HLS, RTMP live broadcast issuing


Provide one-stop integrated services such as filters, intelligent beautification, encryption, watermark, danmaku, face recognition, cartoon face swap, dynamic stickers, gesture recognition, virtual image, second-level playing ban etc. Supporting third party platform picked by customers

3T LOVA Live Broadcast VS. Traditional Live Broadcast

Comparison of advantages of service of 3T MIC-connected live broadcast


3T LOVA live broadcast

Nearly 80 global network nodes,3T-RTN Network real-time monitoring and scheduling,Real-time optimizing transmission quality.

Traditional live broadcast

All transnational and trans-operator problems are dispatched by the third party CDN, so it directly affect users’ experience under weak network.

Interactive Mode

3T LOVA live broadcast

Multilateral interaction among anchors, associate anchors and audience,each live room contains at most 12 anchors N audiences,the live room is logically isolated and anchors can interact across the room.

Traditional live broadcast

Interaction is not available in single lateral live broadcast room, each live room contains at most one anchor and N audience, live rooms are physically isolated.

Transmission Layer Protocol

3T LOVA live broadcast

UDP-3TWDP based protocol with no additional time delay.

Traditional live broadcast

RTMP protocol based on TCP, with reliability as priority, sacrifices real-time performance,under weak environment it generates additional time delay, so it is not suitable for real-time communication.

Transmission Efficiency

3T LOVA live broadcast

Time delay is usually 200-600 milliseconds and the maximum delay is less than 2 seconds.
Super anti packet loss performance, with 30% network packet loss, the screen is smooth.
Exclusive algorithm.

Traditional live broadcast

Industry standard time delay is 5-20 seconds, no packet loss confrontation, when network packet loss is 30%, the video will be completely jammed. open source algorithm.

3T LOVA Live VS. Live Broadcast Of Other Suppliers

Comparison of network packet loss rates in MIC-connected live broadcast
Comparison of 30% network packet loss

3T LOVA Video Effect

Video Effect of others suppliers’

Comparison of 50% network packet loss

3T LOVA Video Effect

Video Effect of others suppliers’



With simple 3 steps, 3T WD-SDK can help you achieve all the audio and video calls and the MIC-connected live broadcast function.

Support the whole platforms

including IOS, Android, Windows,Web etc

Support cross-platform interconnection

Web and Native, Mobile Phone and the Web

Support more than 5000 devices

suitable for all IOS devices and more than 5000 Android terminal devices
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3T-RTN framing plan

3T-RTN Real-time communication network

The virtual communication network, which supports the Santi cloud live broadcast service, adopts the 3T WDP live broadcast protocol (based on UDP) designed for real-time transmission to guarantee time delay can be controlled. With nearly 50 data centers deployed globally, it has 99.99% high availability and 99.9% connectivity rate.

3T WDP live broadcast protocol

The live broadcast WaterDrop protocol based on UDP that is developed by Santi. It reduces time-delay of end-to-end live broadcast to the millisecond level and has 30% super anti packet loss capability.

Application Scenarios

Live broadcast platform

  • Reality show
  • Live broadcast mass election
  • Talk show blind date
  • Concert


  • Small class
  • Large class
  • Enterprise training


  • Shopping
  • Secondhand trading
  • Special sale of popular products


  • Commentary on live broadcasting of games
  • Commentary on electronic sports
  • Play with anchors
  • Werewolf
  • Chess and card
  • Game gang up


  • Analysis of factual commentary on financial markets
  • Comment on stock comment
  • Stock market


  • Domestic and overseas travel escort
  • Tour and shopping guiding

MIC-Connected Live Broadcast Demo

Guidelines for installation on IOS : Open Settings-general-device management-trust enterprise level applications

Game Interactive Demo

Guidelines for installation on IOS : Open Settings-general-device management-trust enterprise level applications

Livestreaming Quiz Demo

Guidelines for installation on IOS : Open Settings-general-device management-trust enterprise level applications